All Done but the Shoutin'

The ink hasn't hit the contract yet, but I'm thrilled to share that Kensington Publishing has offered a sweet two book deal for my Coldwater Cove series! I've instructed my agent to accept so we can proceed with the formalities.

Excuse me while I do a little happy dance.

It's pure joy to conceive of a whole town full of characters whose lives intersect in funny, poignant and unexpected ways. It's even better to know I'll have a chance to share that little town with the reading world.

I don't know when The Coldwater Warm Hearts Club will come out. Or when the second book will follow, but I can share that they will be offered in beautiful trade paperback. This is the perfect format for this type of story. Hopefully, the adventures of the residents of Coldwater will attract book clubs and libraries. Since my hero is a wounded warrior, I'd love to see the book in PX's. And with the Methodist Prayer Chain figuring prominently in several plot points, there may be potential for a little CBA cross over. (If you wonder why I pick on Methodists, the answer is simple. I are one!)

Anyway, I couldn't keep the news any longer. Over the next few months, I'll be sharing more about the special world of Coldwater Cove, including some of Jake's favorite recipes from the Green Apple Grill. My dear husband has pointed out to me that Green Apple Grill's initials spell "gag" but I assured him the fare offered there is Ozark cooking at its finest! And no, there is no section in the menu for road kill!

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See you then!