Bring on the Coolth

I'm done with summer.

It's been hot and sticky and busy. I'm ready for crisp days and shivery nights. I want to see the winter constellations begin to peek over the horizon. I'm ready to break out my sweaters and woolly socks.

Something about autumn just calls for a stack of books and cocooning and evenings spent before a crackling fire. Of course, it also means that winter is coming, but I'll put up with that for the glory of fall.

In Coldwater, the fictional little town where my characters from The Coldwater Warm Hearts Club live, fall means Friday night high school football and cheering on the Fighting Marmots. The team has four rising seniors who've been starters since they were freshmen, so Lacy Evan's dad is hopeful that the Marmots will have a winning season this year. Football is sort of the unofficial religion of Coldwater, at least while the autumn leaves fall.

Do you have a favorite season? What makes it such a special time? What's the name of your high school team?