Sunshine Award!

I've only been blogging for a few weeks, but surprisingly enough, my little slice of cyber-space has garnered some notice. My Facebook friend Lea Bronsen has tapped me for the Sunshine Award! Thanks so much, Lea.

The award comes with a few rules. Now I have to answer a few simple questions:

Favorite Color: Depends on what the color is for. I like to wear jewel tones--peacock blue, deep red, etc. I like my walls to be white.

Favorite Animal: That's a toughie because I've had cats, dogs, horses, guinea pigs and assorted fish. If pressed, I have to say nothing beats the companionship of a loving dog. (Which makes me wonder why I gave my heroine in Sunday is for Suspects a cat. Guess I figured Lacy Evans needs someone who expects her to cater to their every need.) 

Favorite Number: 7. It's the perfect number because of the 7 days of creation and all.

Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Cherry Coke Zero! 

Facebook or Twitter: Twitter.  I view Facebook as a necessary evil. My biggest beef is that FB changes so often. I have a friend who works with special needs children who claims we all have a bit of autism in us that resists change. FB pings my bit of autism big time. 

My Passion: Creating an entire fictional town. I love Coldwater, OK, even though it only exists in my head.

Giving or Getting presents: Both are fun, but it really is more blessed to be able to give. I learned that when my husband went through a patch of unemployment a few years ago. It's very hard to accept a gift you can't reciprocate.

Now speaking of giving, I get to pass the Sunshine award on to some other bloggers who have inspired me. I hope you'll visit each one and leave a comment:

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Kristen Lamb's Blog - Tons of info for writers about the business. 
Deanna Raybourn's Blog - I love this author's work, so I'm interested in whatever she has to say.

Now it's your turn. Do you have a favorite blog you return to time and again?