Politically Correct Easter

Ordinarily, I plan to post only every Wednesday, but this week is special. It's Holy Week and I can't let it pass by without sharing a few thoughts about it.

 I've seen a number of news pieces about how the word "Easter" is being expunged from egg hunts. It's the Spring Bunny instead of the Easter bunny in some PC conscious towns. Reporters always manage to find a Christian or two who are outraged over the change.

I want to ask them why. Not that I don't think words are important. They are. But honestly, colored eggs and peeps and new clothes aren't what this week is about. In fact, these traditional Easter activities are really distractions from the main event--the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Take away the Easter Bunny. Who needs more chocolate? (I know, I know, that's bordering on heresy!) Call the egg hunt whatever you like. I could frankly care less.

Just leave me the cross on the hill . . . and the freedom to share what it means to me.